Are you enjoying watching the latest season of The Voice?  It’s such a great concept, watching credible singers given an opportunity to be judged on the quality of their voice.  Is it unique?  Is it telling a story?  Does it stand out?  Do you want to buy into the voice?  Does it make you want to go back for more?   Is it what I need now?  All these questions run through the judges head before they decide ‘I want you’ and their chair spins.

The Voice – What makes your chair turn?

Every day we do the same thing in our own lives.  We may not get to sit in a fancy spinning red chair with the likes of SealJoelDelta and Ricky, but we make judgements all the time about good and services.

Think about…

What makes you use one product or service over another?  You subconsciously ask and answer all the same questions as those on The Voice.   You need a yes to all of them to motivate you to spin the chair in your mind and buy into what is being sold.

The reality is, so many businesses and not-for-profit organisations don’t effectively deliver on these key questions for their audiences.  If you are a business owner or CEO, ask yourself whether people will want to spin their chairs for what you are offering?

It’s not always about the quality of what you are offering.  Particularly in the not-for-profit sector and even more so with charities, the quality of the service or awareness raising objective is not in question.  The question is about connecting.

How many people have we watched on The Voice who have really impressive voices, but just don’t make the chairs spin?

How many businesses or not-for-profits and charities are finding themselves in the same boat?

You have to connect emotionally with the right audience.  Your voice has to stand out.  It has to make people want more and want it now.  Part of that is making sure you are directing your voice to the right audience in the first place so you are relevant.  There is no point wasting your energy communicating / marketing to people who have no connection with your offer.  I can talk to you until I am blue in the face about a particular cause, but if you don’t know anyone impacted by it you will most likely gravitate to another cause.  The same rules apply for goods and services.

As you can see by the calibre and age range of the people appearing on The Voice, you are always learning and you always need professionals around you to give you that edge.  Even the judges use other professionals to help produce their music.  If you are in business or run a not-for-profit or charity you need professionals to develop / produce / deliver / monitor / tweak your voice.  It will change over time to appeal to different audiences.  Over time if you don’t maintain your voice you will fall into the one-hit wonder category, and you don’t want that.

CommTogether specialises in finding a unique voice for small to medium business, not-for-profit organisations and charities.  We believe that clear directed information is the ability to change lives…let us show you how.  We will make people’s chairs turn.  Don’t you want people to be saying “I want you”?

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