We listened, and you said, I love podcasts, but…

how can I get my own podcast up and running?

People say to us all the time, “I want to build my credibility and create more sales opportunities. Having my own podcast is on my bucket-list, but making it happen is just too hard.”

So we figured, this is something we can do brilliantly for people, so that’s what we have done. Introducing ‘Podcasts Done For You’.

Why do it yourself when we can do it all for you, including the recording session itself where can even anchor the program – which is a massive advantage to you, because you just get to focus on being the expert.  When we say ‘Podcasts Done For You’, we really mean it…so why not start a conversation with us today about making it happen for you and reap the rewards of having your own brilliant podcast.

We make it happen 

We do as much as you need us to do in the key areas of:

  • Production – from strategising to maximise the potential of the show right through to recording, including an option for us to anchor the show so all you do is turn up as the expert.  Even if you want guests on the show, you are another expert, not just the interviewer/student/fan.

  • Story – strategies to engage with every episode so you tell the stories that make you the expert and build credibility.  Stories are what the audience will remember, and they are what make you different, whether it is about experience or commenting on others. From the show title to the discussion itself, you will stand out.

  • Distribution – the content is used in multiple ways because you don’t want to be limited to hoping people will find and listen/watch. We can help you create what you need to populate various social media platforms, your emails, newsletter and website. Educate your audience consistently about the value you bring.

The aim is to make sure your podcast is published for you, brilliantly.

We know your time is best spent doing what you do best. After all, one of the main reasons for having a podcast is for more people to get to know you, hear your insights, and respect your expertise. From your existing and past clients and supporters to potential new people, educate them consistently about your full value proposition in a way that also builds their like, know and trust of you.  From this, you naturally create more authentic sales opportunities.

Podcasts Done For You allows you to be known as the go-to person while ensuring you spend your time doing what you do best while we do the work we love to make it all happen for you.

Why you need your own podcast 

The battle to stand out, grow and attract more sales will arguably be harder than ever.

To attract more sales, you must educate the market on why they should come to you. Then, you have to find ways to reach more people. All this has to be done consistently using multiple touchpoints.

It can feel overwhelming, but there is one cost-effective solution – have your own podcast.

Not convinced…

I am generally not big on statistics, but these are simply overwhelming.

  • No doubt you are among the 1.1 billion businesses with websites in the world.
  • BUT there are only just over 3 million podcasts (I could not find the stats on how many of those are business-related, but it would have to be less than half).
  • Only 450,000 of those podcasts are active
  • That means no more than 225,000 active business podcasts in the world
  • There are close to 500 million listeners of podcasts.

“Let me put this bluntly. People are consuming podcasts, and hardly any businesses publish them regularly. Surely, if you could talk to millions of potential buyers or referrers 24/7 regularly, that would be a good investment?”

In a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence (AI), where you can’t be sure if the person you want to engage with has written the content themselves or not, a podcast cuts through.  There is no denying it is you speaking, telling your stories, giving over your expertise in a unique way, so people get to know you, like you and trust you and then want to engage with you more directly.

Podcasts are not just about ‘listeners’ or ‘downloads’ – they are about people finding you through search, seeing your posts, and receiving information about the show.  They are also about getting you into doors that otherwise remain closed, because you are not selling just informing people through the art of conversation that they can tune into when they want on the platform they want for as long as they want.

Still thinking about why?

Should you have your own podcast?  

The key is to to do it right with a professional approach. This is not about finding a ‘do it yourself’ solution, because that will rarely justify the investment of your own resources. We do it for you so you get on with what you do best.

From your podcast you can create a stream of content for your social media, newsletters, email sequences and your website.

The advice for business sales success in 2024 is simple. If you want to stand out and become the goto person in your area of expertise, you must deliver regular authentic content. To do that;


podcasts done for you

Check this out

We have out some of the podcasts we have been busy producing on YouTube (no you don’t need to have video if you don’t want to) as well as on all the podcast platforms (yup we take care of it all).

You can check out a number of shows including our own Biz Bites (for professional services business leaders to hear from some of the best and capture the stories behind their stories) and the Podcasts Done For You show (for those who want all the recommendations on what to do) both hosted by Anthony Perl.

PS And while you are there hit the subscribe button, because all our clients benefit by being part of our channel and the more subscribe the better for everyone.

What you get …

We make it simple…

We will talk you through everything from the equipment you need (and most people have it already) right through to the type of show that will work best. For many of our clients, they like us to host it, so they just show up as the expert.

But we will tailor it to suit you. We take the time to understand your business, the resources you have available and the people you are trying to reach.

We have over 30 years experiences building brands and growing audiences, including some of the largest talkback radio audiences in the country.

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