Introducing Better Biz .

CommTogether is your go-to content marketing solution in Australia

We collaborate with you to create ‘effortless engagement‘ that gives you more sales opportunities with the audiences you love!

‘Better Biz’ has been specifically designed as a better way for you to show your audience why they should trust and invest in your business.  We believe the creation of authentic content should be ‘effortless’, multi-purposed and usable across multiple platforms, not just for a one-off post.

You as the Guest Expert .

A New Authentic and Engaging Interview Series .

Just imagine someone connecting with saying, “Oh, I saw you in that interview; it was really great!”

Now, that can be real for you, thanks to the exciting new ‘Better Biz’ service from CommTogether.

As you may well know, we’ve built a reputation over the last 10 years for bringing marketing clarity to clients, building their businesses and growing audiences.

Better Biz breaks new ground and takes the impact even further.

Anthony Perl is the host of the program, using his 30+ years of experience growing large audiences to help your business tell engaging stories.  He is in the unique position to host the program using his background in the media, and working within the corporate, not-for-profit and SME’s sectors, always focussed on bringing more of the right people in.

We make it easy, unlocking an entire year of powerful social media engagement from one session.

From a studio environment, CommTogether founder, Anthony Perl, interviews you (and your senior team if you need it) from your workplace, positioning you instantly as experts in your field.

There’s no need for you to travel, to try remember lines or to be concerned about how you’re ‘coming across’… Anthony makes it so easy for you, using all the skills and insights he’s accumulated in the media in these past 30 years.

It’s a structured, relaxed conversation with a real profession. Anthony knows how to put you at ease, how to position you perfectly and how to make compelling, watchable content to build your connections AND your business.

Best of all, Anthony makes everything happen for you at far, far less than just $500 per video. And as special bonus, he shares your content directly with his own large audience, expanding your reach and influence even further.

2022 is well underway…can you afford to be missing opportunities to generate sales?  Be seen NOW and consistently as a go-to business that attracts more of the right audience.

It really is an amazing opportunity to create a powerful year ahead for you and your business.

Better Biz puts you front and centre.
Now… and for an entire year ahead too.

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Better Biz | What’s the difference between a promo video and a content video?

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