The Importance of Marketing .

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What most people forget is that engagement is the key to your success, no matter the size or type of business. Marketing is part of a communications system that must include listening and responding.

Consider whether your brand is saying what it needs to, so you achieve the reaction which brings more clients through the door.

Consider whether your marketing and overall communications reach individual audiences so the messages resonate. One message for everyone can often mean your audience does not feel special or that you are really talking to them.

We will guide you through a process to ensure your marketing has the required foundations and solutions to give you a strategic edge. Think of us as your outsourced Marketing Director.

CommTogether, a recognised top marketing agency in Sydney, with a national and global client base.

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Problems and Solutions .

The Problems Faced by Business

1. Businesses need to stand out.
2. They need to increase their reach so they can increase sales.
3. Deciding on the most effective allocation of tight marketing and promotional budgets.

Our Solutions

1. A communications and marketing audit to assess your current situation and understand the areas from improvement. This also provides a base to measure the effectiveness of any changes made in the future.
2. Follow our 3 step processes and the framework we have developed for maximising your communications and marketing.
3. We have developed packages and services to suit different businesses.

Types of businesses we work with

We work with small to medium-sized businesses across a range of sectors, where service matters. Our clients typically importers, early learning centres, professional and business services and those with boutique products. View our portfolio for examples. Our clients, don’t just sell products – they offer a service.

We work with SMEs who want to grow their business. This can be because they want to be part of a longer-term journey to build their brand and its engagement or because they are keen to make the business exitable. We have an SME (Sales and Marketing Exit program) for SMEs, designed to work alongside key financial strategists/accountants/brokers supporting businesses to be exitable.

When it comes to the level of support required by our clients, we find there are three types of businesses:

Explore our core communications and marketing services .

A new approach to generating a marketing plan to build the foundations for success, including a measurable assessment of your current status. You can then choose to work with us on as many projects as you like for as long as you like to build your brand grow your audience.

Generating the ideas to move your brand forward from one-off consultations to packages or choose from a series of workshop options harnessing 30 years marketing expertise.

Engaging websites with a marketing edge, customised apps, SEO, building a local presence, social media and content building for inbound marketing.

Creating amazing content for social media and your website can be challenging. That’s why we have created ‘Better Biz’.

We supply and manage promotional merchandise, striving to come up with the most effective items to best suit your brand, event and budget.

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