An agency dedicated to assisting small to medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations, with all their communication and marketing needs, from strategy through to implementation. We also have access to a vast network of specialised resources that we manage, to be able to deliver complete solutions for our clients.


For Business

Whether you are a start up or a large business, the process for establishing and maintaining successful communications and marketing is the same. We have worked with them all, from sole traders to businesses operating in global markets to publicly listed companies.





For Not-For-Profits

We offer communications and marketing solutions to help not-for-profit organisations, particularly charities and community groups, to build their brand and grow their audience.






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How We Operate

At a basic level, we follow a three step process to ensure we deliver the most effective solutions:





While the process is similar, there is a real difference between marketing for businesses and for not-for-profit organisations. Anthony Perl has developed a framework on which the success of all communications are governed. This has been adapted to suit the distinct requirements of these two sectors.

The framework is called Community BANDS. It adapts to the individual requirements of every organisation. Each element provides a critical pathway to successful communications and marketing. This also allows us to measure the success and monitor areas for improvement.

From the media to the corporate world and from small to medium enterprises to charities, we have a unique all round perspective and generate fresh ideas to make a real impact.

In collaboration with our various specialists we are able to deliver complete solutions from branding through to developing and managing all your online and offline needs.

We build relationships with our clients and adapt to suit their needs. Our aim is to see your business or not-for-profit grow using sustainable methods.

Of course if you would like us to work with some of your existing resources, be they internal or external, we are happy to do so.

No matter the need, we can deliver the solution.

Anthony Perl

Anthony Perl

Founder of CommTogether

My career has been focussed on listening, understanding and engaging audiences. I started my career with a Communications degree specialising in Broadcast Journalism before working extensively in radio and television. Utilising these same skills I have worked in a large publicly listed company, in the not-for-profit sector and since establishing CommTogether also with various small to medium businesses.

For more information connect with me on LinkedIn.

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So Why CommTogether?

There are two ways we like to answer this. Literally, the name itself is an amalgamation of two critical principles on which the agency was established, working together to constantly and consistently improve communications. These principles guide our approach to working with clients. It may be a cliche to say we want to build a long term relationship with your business or organisation, but fundamentally I believe we can’t do our job effectively unless it is based on a mutual understanding and respect. I am passionate about the role quality communications plays in the clients success.

CommTogether brings together communications expertise, whether it is strategy, writing, design, photography, video, online development, social media or research. The relationships the agency is founded upon stretch back over 14 years. We have worked with a variety of businesses from start-ups to large publicly listed companies to ones operating in global markets.

There is a bonus answer to why CommTogether – because the Beatle’s wrote about us on their 1969 ‘Abbey Road’ album (they were forward thinkers and new what we could offer) – “Comm Together right now…”

Whether it is working on a project or acting as your out-sourced marketing department our clients are enthusiastic about the new possibilities we have opened for them to grow.



Through understanding and stimulating ideas, be available and flexible to provide a professional, affordable, quality communications and marketing service that builds on passion, relationships and is founded on a consistent strategic approach.



Ensure all business and not-for-profit organisations understand and value communications, investing in the right expertise, accessing us to sustain and grow them.



– Passion and genuine enthusiasm for ‘ideas, communication, marketing’
– Building and maintaining relationships through understanding
– Clarity
– Strategic foundations and direction
– Solutions focussed

What CommTogether can
do for Not-For-Profits?

What CommTogether can
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