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We’ve had 30 amazing years of making marketing messaging make perfect sense.

At last! Someone who makes the complexity of modern marketing perfectly simple for you …. so that it REALLY works.

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We change the world one person at a time by helping businesses promote their brilliance.


Our unique programs make your authentic engagement better and easier, so you have more sales opportunities with your ideal clients.


Read how we also continue to make impacts as a business for good.

My career has been focussed on listening, understanding and engaging audiences. I started my career with a Communications degree specialising in Broadcast Journalism before working extensively in radio and television. Utilising these same skills I have worked in a large publicly listed company, in the not-for-profit sector and since establishing CommTogether also with various small to medium businesses.

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Get to know Anthony and CommTogether by listening to our podcast ‘Biz Bites‘ where we unlock our network and share the stories behind the stories of business owners.

“At CommTogether we have developed a series of ways to work uniquely with businesses, so we expose more of their brilliance.

Our programs include:

  • A new approach to a marketing plan
  • From strategy to design, messaging and implementation
  • One on one consulting including more than 50 sets of tips across all things marketing
  • Designed and developed by our team starting from a marketing perspective
  • We specialise in done for you options to build your authentic credibility with minimal effort
  • Using many of our other services, in partnership with sales and operations experts, we use our specialised knowledge to work with business owners who are looking to sell or buy