Sharing a unique perspective on business

Anthony Perl is part of different shows sharing his unique perspective around business and marketing.

Our podcasts

Anthony is the host of Biz Bites, a podcast designed to tell the stories behind the stories of business owners. It is also a chance to see who is in our network and for you to connect with them.

Anthony is also the anchor on a podcast panel show called No Tie C Suite. A perspective on today’s challenges for business owners and leaders. Four consultants; over 100 years experience, with a global perspective, offer views from marketing, business solutions and systems, financial, and IT perspectives.

Guest Appearances

Anthony Perl has been featured as guest on different podcast shows, interviews, and articles presenting different perspectives on business and marketing. He shares his thoughts and opinions based on his 30+ years in marketing and media.

Sumcast- Shared Use Multipurpose Broadcast

SUMCAST It’s better than a podcast, it’s a Sumcast. Content for you to use to maximise engagement across multiple platforms with minimal effort. We believe in multi-purposing across multiple channels. We show you how (or do it for you) this one session can generate enough authentic content for a year