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Voice For A Worthy Cause is a specialised initiative of CommTogether providing communications and marketing for not-for-profit organisations/charities/non-government organisations (and any other variation you care to use). We prefer to call them ‘worthy causes’.

Our services are available to help these established worthy causes find a unique voice so they can grow in a sustainable way, building a long-term future.

We provide the ‘ideas’ and can assist in implementing solutions to grow your worthy cause.

We have created many Annual Reports for a variety of worthy causes and have produced an e-book to help you gain the most from marketing this important document. We are happy to share this with you – no catches, just ask!

The problem for worthy causes is the environment in which they are operating and the way they have been funded is changing. Many not put real energies and understanding into what is required to market themselves, not to mention being scared to spend money on improving the quality of their materials.

“Hi, I’m Anthony Perl, Director of CommTogether. I am a ‘dreamer’ an ‘ideas’ person. I focus on the foundations of marketing, using my 30+ years of experience to work with you to lead your brand forward.”

“Using my 30+ years experience I have built a framework (Community BANDS) to help worthy causes thrive.”

Clear direct information has the ability to change lives. By delivering this to worthy causes we are helping them change the world.

Let us help you raise awareness for your worthy cause

CommTogether is one of the leading communications consultants in Sydney, with a national and global client base

We provide a cost-effective solution from developing marketing plans through to building an online presence to annual reports and much more. We help you tell your stories and respond to their community.

We have specialised expertise combined with years of experience working with a variety of not-for-profits. We understand the different culture, language, needs and drivers of the sector. It’s why we also offer special rates for not-for-profits.


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A series of recorded presentations looking at marketing and philanthropy, talking to some of the leading minds to freely share information to support all worthy causes. The presentations have been arranged through the networking group Philanthrocrat. Contact us for details.

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Explore our core communications and marketing services .

A new approach to generating a marketing plan to build the foundations for success, including a measurable assessment of your current status. You can then choose to work with us on as many projects as you like for as long as you like to build your brand grow your audience.

Generating the ideas to move your brand forward from one-off consultations to packages or choose from a series of workshop options harnessing 30 years marketing expertise.

Engaging websites with a marketing edge, customised apps, SEO, building a local presence, social media and content building for inbound marketing.

Creating amazing content for social media and your website can be challenging. That’s why we have created ‘Better Biz’.

We supply and manage promotional merchandise, striving to come up with the most effective items to best suit your brand, event and budget.

Access our regular free marketing tips for you to implement yourself, download our ebooks, detailed articles to help you on your marketing journey.