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Nobody else specialises in helping businesses reinvigorate their Marketing and Sales as a cohesive department, let alone tie it back into the business. It is genuinely a holistic look at your business with three experts working together. The difference we can make guarantees that the business owner will get back the investment they make in our services, and their business valuation will grow in multiples.

We are the 'SME (Sales and Marketing Exit) for SMEs'

How we make a difference to the valuation 

Having the financials in place is one thing, but combining that with robust cut-through Marketing, brilliant Sales Strategy, and streamlined back office processes like Quote to Cash and Procure to Pay makes your client’s business worth so much more.

At SME (Sales and Marketing Exitable plans) for SMEs (Small to Medium Entrepreneurs), we not only partner with people whose job it is to help sell businesses, but we also work with the current business owner to build the final stage of saleability to new heights. Our expanded focus includes optimising critical back-office operations that significantly impact your business’s bottom line and attractiveness to potential buyers.

Working with you, our focus is on:

  1. Ins (Sales and Marketing): Elevating your sales and marketing strategies to create a powerful brand presence and customer acquisition model.
  2. Outs (Quote to Cash): Streamline your quote-to-cash process to ensure faster revenue generation, improved cash flow, and enhanced customer experience.
  3. Transfer (Procure to Pay): Optimising your procure-to-pay cycle for cost-effective operations, better supplier management, and a leaner inventory.
  4. Efficiency: Across all departments, ensuring that each aspect of your business operates at peak performance.
  5. Effectiveness: Ensuring every strategy implemented delivers tangible results and a measurable impact on business valuation.

By integrating these essential elements, we reduce the risk for purchasers because they can see the measurable difference being made to begin unlocking fresh potential. Nobody else specialises in helping businesses reinvigorate their Marketing and Sales as a cohesive department and enhance quote-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes.

The difference we can make guarantees that they will get back the investment they make in our services, and their valuation will grow in multiples.  Talk to us about our 12-week program.

  • Yes, they need strong financials.
  • Yes, they need efficient operations.
  • Yes, they need a strong documented system in place.

What we will do

  • 1

    Work on the foundational elements of engagement to drive business alignment and growth

  • 2

    Unpack the stories behind what makes the business unique – Branding and Messaging

  • 3

    Ensure the business brand will stand out in the market to become the category ‘king’

  • 4

    Make sure all the online and offline platforms work in synch for the brand

  • 5

    Implement tactics to educate all the audiences and help train the team so that they can implement

  • 6

    Drive messages to engage their ideal customers

  • 7

    Deliver more distinguishable sales revenue between 50-200%

  • 8

    Increase the customer spend and lifetime value of every single purchaser that comes through the business

  • 9

    Create sales efficiencies to reduce wasted costs and missed sale opportunities

  • 10

    Increase customer purchasing opportunities

  • 11

    Analyse Quote to Cash and Procure to Pay cycles to identify opportunities to mitigate risk, enhance operational efficiency, improve cash flow, and strengthen supplier relationships

  • 12

    Align Back Office Processes to maximise business value and prepare for a successful exit.

  • 13

    Empower you as the business owner over the next 12 months to realise how much of your business and market is untapped.

Marketing and Sales are usually two separate divisions with limited conversation between them. We are not only uniting these two most powerful verticals in your client’s business but also ensuring that critical back office processes are aligned to bring the right partnership at the right time.

This is a unique partnership delivering for businesses who desperately need to have their true potential unlocked, including a stronger focus on internal process optimisation.

This united force is for the business that is looking to sell and really needs the internal skillsets to get that salubrious valuation. Now is the time to create the perfect collaboration between departments, including back office operations, and get the return that your client deserves for their efforts. Find new insights into the business, and most importantly, have fresh eyes with experience to deliver more profit faster.

Marketing and sales working as one, in harmony with optimised back office processes. This unique partnership delivers for businesses that desperately need to unlock their true potential so they are exitable with a stronger valuation.

Whether you are overseeing a business that is trying to exit (even if they are not ready yet – now is the time we can make an impact) or you are helping with a purchase – the transformation we will make will unlock potential worth many times over the investment.


We have realised that the work we have done in the past has given businesses a great lift, but too often, it is focused only on those with a growth mindset. But what about those who are struggling?

Why should they be left out?

For businesses on the edge, they get confused by the many options, what the next steps should be, and the risk attached to spending at a time of uncertainty for them.

We want to change that…

Too often, they do nothing, become less profitable and go further into the red.

Or they are drifting towards retirement, and their expectations for a sale price need to be lowered because purchasers see so much to be done to reinvigorate the business.

We are here to make a difference, to help unlock the potential and generate the profits they deserve.

We are reducing risk by creating assets through our SME (Sales and Marketing Exitable plan) for SMEs (Small to Medium Entrepreneurs).

brand marketing agency Logo for CommTogether

Building audiences and exposing people’s brilliance has been central to Anthony’s career for the last 35 years. His career began in radio and television before stepping into the corporate, not-for-profit and SME sectors focussed on communications and marketing. That cross-sector knowledge has placed him in a unique position to understand what resonates and how to engage people so connections lead to opportunities for real, sustainable growth.

Anthony’s marketing agency CommTogether is a multi-award winner, not just for the delivery of its services, but because they are innovators, delivering new concepts that make a difference to clients. The secret sauce, according to Anthony is listening and believing that the way to change the world is to do it one person at a time. Story-telling is central to making this work, because it is through emotional memory that people respond.

In his podcast ‘Biz Bites’, Anthony gets to the stories behind the stories of business leaders around the world. He unpacks his guests journey and has a way of making his guests feel comfortable and willing to share, including giving over their expertise. The podcast is a small example of what he can do for businesses. While the platform provides an opportunity to connect and educate audiences consistently on multiple platforms, it is the systems and processes involved in the delivery which shows the true genius.

Julian is emerging as a prominent figure in Australia’s sales and business consultancy arena. Recognised for his expertise, he has been featured multiple times on Ticker TV, international podcasts, and recently on an hour-long show on Sapphire FM with Australia’s leading brain Untrainer, Rik Schnabel.

Julian’s mastery lies in understanding consumer psychology and coaching techniques, allowing him to deeply connect with both customers and sales agents. His approach empowers individuals to achieve their desires while addressing any fears or doubts they may have.

Driven by empathy for the challenges faced by business owners globally, Julian has amassed extensive experience across various industries, including SAAS models, Solar, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and high-end technologies.

Due to his experience in over a dozen start-ups, Julian’s practical experience surpasses that of many consultants. He has transformed struggling companies into profitable ventures within months, mentored thousands of sales agents, and delivered keynote speeches on business, leadership, and sales success nationwide for over ten years.

For over a quarter of a century, Lisa L. Levy’s expertise has spanned diverse sectors, from healthcare and finance to government, navigating the complexities inherent to each. Yet, it was the challenge of witnessing technological change create organizational chaos in the early 2000s that catalyzed her drive to innovate. Lisa perceived patterns—internal teams consistently failing to communicate, technology’s false promise to fix flawed processes, and leaders feeling trapped within their creations.

Lisa’s vision for Lcubed Consulting emerged. Leveraging her formal education, Project Management Professional and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, she developed a unique approach that combines elements to align people, processes, and technology. The firm’s tailored approach fosters disruptive leadership, nurturing agility, and driving businesses forward even amidst unforeseeable disruptions. Her book, Future Proofing Cubed, encapsulates these insights, ensuring businesses are not only equipped for today but are resilient for tomorrow.

Lisa’s innovative spirit also resonates in the airwaves through the Disrupt & Innovate podcast. Here, she challenges the status quo, pushing businesses and individuals to see disruption not as a threat, but as an exhilarating pathway to a brighter future. However, perhaps the most potent testimonial to Lisa’s influence is the autonomy she instills in leadership teams. By embedding self-reliance, she ensures businesses thrive even in her absence, breaking the typical consulting model and proving her role as a true catalyst for change.

Her dedication has not gone unnoticed. Her recognition as one of the Top 10 Women Leaders is not just a testament to her prowess but a beacon for all visionary founders and executives. She invites you to journey alongside her, rediscovering agility, embracing disruption, and crafting a future filled with innovation and success.

Working together to maximise the impact

CommTogether, Spartan Business Academy and Lcubed have combined because we are specialists (with decades of experience) making an impact.

It’s important to ensure the financial operations and systems are in place. Equally important are marketing, sales and operations. They are the critical driving metrics a purchaser looks at to determine their future success. By unlocking this potential, your clients will get more for their business.

Talk to us about the models we have designed to maximise success that form our 12-week program.

We aim to create multiples of the investment in our plan that, on its own, will be an asset to carry forward.

Help your clients achieve more…

Making businesses more exitable!

Book your free consultation now.

Want to know more about what we can deliver and what is involved in the process for business owners, pick a time in the calendar that suits you best and we can share our strategies.

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Bringing all the resources together under one umbrella – marketing, sales and operations complete and together.

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