Marketing same-sex marriage

The marketing of same-sex marriage is hitting new highs as Australians are encouraged to vote; there is much for businesses and not-for-profits to learn from the campaigning. The advertising component is one thing, with businesses trying to capitalise on it, the roll out of celebrity endorsements in the media is another, and

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Raise charity awareness

How to raise charity awareness? It’s a big questoin and one which needs a big picture strategy and a long term commitment if you are to be successful. If you want to create a sustainable audience which will grow, it can’t be just about a once a year event. Once you have

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How to market not-for-profits with a person-centred approach

Why and how to market not-for-profits with a person-centred approach has are two questions that are more important than ever before to be answered. Without marketing the future of your organisation is gloomy. The shift in the way governments are funding the sector is continuing to have widespread ramifications. The long-term unspoken

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Charities change the world

Charities make a real difference to people’s lives and they do have the power to change the world. It’s a simple statement and one that I think most people will agree with, yet so often we overlook this reality. People who work for charities often do so accepting less pay and

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Social media strategy

How do you create a social media strategy, is a question I am often asked. The biggest danger that you face in developing a strategy for what is a new area for so many businesses and nonprofit or charity organisations is doing it in isolation. A social media strategy must be linked

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Charity technology avoidance

Charity organisations are too conservative when it comes to adopting new technology The mention of new technology can send just about any charity running for cover. It’s not about the cost, although that can sometimes be a factor, it is about being conservative. The culture that exists in the sector is often

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