When is the right time to deliver a message?

Value time!  When is the right time to deliver a message (because you must have engagement before you can generate sales)?   A commonly asked question by clients is “When is the right time to deliver a message?” We all want to maximise our audience reach and engagement. Timing is everything or is it? “Time might

Assumptions can undermine the success of your engagement and limit sales opportunities

If I tell you to vote (don’t worry this is not an election or political message, thi is about deminstrating a point with an idea we can all relate to now) for this party, or that a particular policy is wrong - would you immediately accept it? However if I explain why I have

How to make an immediate marketing impact?

I am regularly asked for how to make an immediate marketing impact. Immediately people start assuming I will recommend some form of advertising, but this never comes with a guarantee on the level of return on your investment. It requires strategy and time to design, structure, measure and tweak. It also requires a budget.

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How to win respect as a leader?

Are you or your brand in a leadership role or seeking one? Do you have the respect of your staff and clients? The secret of how to win respect as a leader is summed up in a simple idea, 'create peace'. Clearly if you are the leader of a country, this is a much more onerous task, depending on the part of the world in which you find yourself.

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