Do you consider yourself to be a generous person? What about your business — is it just as generous? When you give, do you do it out of an emotional need to share what you have? Or do you do it hoping, or possibly even expecting, something in return?

Lots of questions to consider when it comes to giving.  Remember giving can be classified in a couple of different ways:

  1. To charities/worthy causes
  2. To other businesses

I am not going to say one is selfless and the other has the intent to gain.   There is always going to be an element of both no matter whom you are going to, particularly if you believe in karma.

We are all capable of giving, not always financially, but at the very least of our time and expertise.

Check out the video or read the transcript below for some more perspective on giving….

If you are working with a charity, make sure that when you are giving of your time, or of any service or product that you have, do so in the same way, with the same respect that you would do any other paying clients.

Far too often, we give to charities from the business point of view, wanting something back.

In reality, what you are getting back is the magnificent idea of giving. It’s something that we totally undervalue in business and far too much and it extends way beyond charity as well. Give to the public. Give your expertise and people will give back to you in spades. They will come looking for you because they know you, they trust you, and they understand that you are someone who is generous and prepared to help other people, not just in it for themselves.

It’s a fundamental lesson of marketing and one that is very hard for some people to learn and appreciate.

So next time you’re looking at associating with a charity do so for the right reasons, and put them as the number one priority.

Working with worthy causes

I don’t often speak about this, but I work with a select group of charities or worthy causes as I prefer to call them, and each one is given the priority I would do any business client.  For the majority of businesses I see giving to charities, they tend to do so on their terms.

They contribute by fitting it in-between other things (their timing) directing funds or resources as they determine (not the cause) to make them feel good.  That’s not to say they don’t want to help or don’t care about making a difference, they do, but when you take a close look at the agenda/expectations…

I have seen this scenario often…they volunteer on a day that suits them, on a task that is going to make them feel good, regardless of whether it is the main priority for the organisation they are assisting.

Often when they give their expertise “probono” they are placed at the bottom of the list and rarely is the service as thorough as those who pay.  Keep in mind also causes can pay for work like any other business client.  It is all a case of listening to what is needed.  Give in a way that makes the difference they need.

The attitude you adopt to giving does have an impact on your own brand. The generosity of spirit is as important as any financial benefit.

Remember too, if you align with worthy causes that share similar values to you, it is more likely that you will both benefit from the association.

Give to everyone

Giving is not just for those in need of support – giving is so people can connect with you and your brand. I don’t produce these videos asking or expecting anything in return, I give these tips to you because I enjoy sharing my knowledge.

I genuinely hope each week the advice I give can be implemented and help make a small difference to the success of your brand, by enhancing your marketing.

Give because you can make a positive difference in the world.  Give with generosity of spirit and treat each person as a priority.  If you give with the right intent, you tell a story to people, so when they need someone of your expertise they will remember you fondly.

How do you give?  Is there value you can give people/businesses?  Promote how you give by leaving me a comment.