How to grow your brand?

Simple Marketing Tip “How to grow your brand?” In order to know how to grow your brand, you first need to assess its current status. You may have a gut instinct, but some reflection on your marketing activities over the past couple of years will give you a true insight. The

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Small business marketing consultant

It’s not my favourite term, but a ‘small business marketing consultant’ (in fact I am cringing as I type this*) is essential to most businesses success and long term viability. More than ever the skills of a marketerare breaking off into increasingly specialised subsets. There is no way a business owner can still

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The Academy Award Goes to…

The Oscar nominations are out and our news feeds are filled with stories about the hopefuls and those who have been snubbed. Yay for Margot Robbie and bad luck for Hugh Jackman. In your mind, you can’t help but start to consider your own favourites and the movies who received the most nominations that you have

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The end of year business dilemma

The end of year business dilemma is the end of year sales, Christmas sales, holiday sales…everywhere sales. It is easy to get wrapped up in these common tactics. Throw in the entry of Amazon into the market, and businesses are increasingly finding themselves at a crossroads. How can they make money and

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Branding that gets to the point

Branding that gets to the point, can make or break a business or a not-for-profit organisation. Your logo must say what you are about and tell a story that includes the tagline and image. I have talked before about branding and how often so many businesses just get it wrong. Unless you are a big

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How do I compete?

How do I compete?  It’s a simple question that’s asked right across the business world – from small businesses to large. Surprisingly, the answer is also simple if you are prepared to improve your business marketing approach.  (It’s a little tougher when you are an athlete, because to compete on the

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Where branding meets architecture

Where branding meets architecture, is an interesting idea most businesses have not explored.  Branding is critical to get right, and for most of us, there are limited opportunities outside of our website, a brochure and perhaps some signage to really use it to its full advantage.  However, there are times when money,

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