When is the right time to deliver a message?

Value time!  When is the right time to deliver a message (because you must have engagement before you can generate sales)?   A commonly asked question by clients is “When is the right time to deliver a message?” We all want to maximise our audience reach and engagement. Timing is everything or is it? “Time might

How to make an immediate marketing impact?

I am regularly asked for how to make an immediate marketing impact. Immediately people start assuming I will recommend some form of advertising, but this never comes with a guarantee on the level of return on your investment. It requires strategy and time to design, structure, measure and tweak. It also requires a budget.

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How to grow your brand?

Simple Marketing Tip “How to grow your brand?” In order to know how to grow your brand, you first need to assess its current status. You may have a gut instinct, but some reflection on your marketing activities over the past couple of years will give you a true insight. The

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Small business marketing consultant

It’s not my favourite term, but a ‘small business marketing consultant’ (in fact I am cringing as I type this*) is essential to most businesses success and long term viability. More than ever the skills of a marketerare breaking off into increasingly specialised subsets. There is no way a business owner can still

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