I have a dream

“I have a dream”, perhaps one of the most famous phrases from one of the most famous speeches.  How many of us have stood, if only in our minds, in front of a mass of people to proclaim our dream.  The day you began the business, for a moment you declare the

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Mental stress workshop

A guest blog today on a mental stress workshop from an internationally recognised coach Annabelle Drumm from Kitegirl.  This is not about selling, it is about really trying to help people.  How many times have you heard someone or yourself say “I am stressed". Mental stress has been shown to cost this

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Email down. Email down.

Email down – that was the news that greeted me yesterday morning.  At first there was a calmness, but it was not long before panic mode set in.  Email down.  Email down. That was pretty much all I could mutter to anyone who cared to listen. While I was quickly

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Personalised Communications

Personalised Communication Personalised communication seems to be waning.  Interestingly when you do a search there is not much around to even define it.  We are in an age of ‘social media’ where it seems to many it is ok to send group based messages.  Sure  they can sometimes give the illusion of

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Technology overload

I am suffering from technology overload….how about you?  Like so many I have been quick to want to jump on the technology bandwagon.  The key word here is want.  Of course we can’t always afford the latest and greatest because as far as I am aware there is no technology available

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Marketing for Business Tips

Marketing and the Business of marketing tips I am often asked, for my business what marketing tips can you give?  Of course I am quick to point out the business of marketing is just that…I am in marketing and that is my business.  It is a skill and in my case is the accumulation of

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