Marketing leadership doesn’t always come from sitting on your own, or just being surrounded by the same people, you need to seek out inspiration. In an age where almost everything it would seem can be found via the phone in your pocket… Have you worked out what is missing?  

You can jump online and watch videos on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, TED etc, that will make you laugh, cry, think, educate, shocked and much more. However, it’s not the same as being there. It’s like live sport or a concert – yes you can watch it on TV or online, but being there holds a special piece of magic you can’t replace.

We have an inbuilt need for human interaction in a different environment to give us a fresh perspective.  

If you have any involvement in marketing in your business or not-for-profit and you are looking for inspiration, here is how…

So you’re back at work and you’re searching for that creativity.

And the spark doesn’t always come.

And it doesn’t always come when you are just amongst all of your staff.

You need that bit of inspiration to come sometimes from the outside. You need to find ways to go and be inspired to find other creative influences, and it’s not because they would directly always tell you what you should be doing or how you should be doing something.

But it’s their stories that will inspire you to create your own initiatives.

And it’s much the same as you go on holidays at least once a year, you come back and you feel rejuvenated.

Well, hearing other people’s stories about their marketing experiences can do exactly the same. So make a time at least once a month if you can – worst case scenario once a quarter – to go somewhere where you know you can hear from people and be inspired.

Meanwhile, I hope I can keep doing that each and every week with my marketing tips.

Live stories are a gift

Be inspired by what is around you…a short story of a recent example you might relate to…

Last week I sat in the front row of a small inner city theatre watching a production of a musical called “In Pieces”.   I am not going to tell you about the musical itself, because what was even more important was the way it was delivered.  It’s an interesting musical because there is no talking at all in it.

In fact, if unless you read the program, you would not know the name of the characters.  There was no set – just a small stage and nine people singing their hearts out backed by a band, first-time director and other assistants.

The passion and energy in which they all played their role is something you equate to those fresh-faced days of innocence when you are ready to take on the world.  It was a pure joy that came through.

It made me want to make sure I was getting back to what I truly love and reigniting that initial spark that led me down this path.

I am proud to say my daughter was one of those on stage, making the audience believe her character and singing like she is ready to star on the West End.  Inspiration from our youth and even our own children can give us back a perspective that is lost.  

We should all have that joy.  Dealing with clients we love.  Engaging the right people effortlessly.  It’s the gift I want to give you.

Find your place of inspiration

My challenge to each of you reading this is to find an opportunity where you can go a few times a year to be with your peers and hear stories. I will answer my original question by turning it back on you – are you really looking for inspiration? There are events big and small going on all the time. Try a few and see if you can find what you need there. Just like going on holidays, recharge those batteries regularly and you will be more creative and deliver better results.

For those of you who are a leader (CEO/Director/Owner) of a Professinal Services focussed business, I run a monthly forum where we share insight and ideas to inspire each other.  Interested in attending?  

Direct message me “Forum registration link please” and I will send you the details.  

It’s online for one hour – but numbers are stricty limited so everyone gets a chance to have a say.

An independent perspective will help unearth the ideas to take your marketing to another level.  Don’t hesitate, letting your inspiration fade.

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