Making an impression

There is an old and poignant expression, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression."It is so important to make sure the first impression you make as a business is the right one. That means constantly refining your messages. In other words, listening and responding to your audience.While you

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Marketing yourself

One of the joys of establishing your own communications and marketing business is having to market yourself. It’s so much easier to be telling other people what and how they should b doing things. Of course that is exactly the point. If it was easy for everyone to communicate and market themselves

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Making yourself heard

The question of how you are heard is more pertinent today for business than it has ever been.  CommTogether is no different in that regard, operating as a voice amongst such a sea of noise both online and offline. There is no magic answer as to how to be heard, but

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Following your passion

Since making the decision known to friends and colleagues about establishing my own consultancy, I have been asked the question ‘why?’. Well that is after the congratulations and the comments and about how it must be ‘scary’ and ‘exciting’. The simple answer to the ‘why?’ is because I am genuinely passionate

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Starting Up

This is technically day three of CommTogether and establishing a website has been a priority. I want to be able to give everyone a sense of me, and what I can offer. I know that the unique experiences I have had in my working career have created a skill-set that many

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