Including staff in your not-for-profit annual report is very important, their value should never be underestimated.  They make the organisation, so it is important to give them the respect they deserve.  They are the not only the face of your not-for-profit or charity, they add enormous value and credibility of your brand, so why are they generally overlooked when it comes to this critical marketing document?

The actions, presentation and communication of your people have a direct impact on the performance of your organisation, so it is important to acknowledge these elements when including staff in your not-for-profit annual report.  Everyone wants to say they have the best people, and hang on to them.  To do this effectively is an achievement worthy of some dedicated space in your annual report, not just a throw-away thank you line in a CEO report.  We have produced a free e-book with just what should be in these other reports as well.

Tips on what to include about staff:

1. Your staff are a valuable asset to your organisation, so you should want to feature them and their thoughts, because they are after all who is representing your cause every day.  This includes photos and quotes about what the organisation means, their most meaninful achievements in the past year and so on.  You will need professional photos.

2. It’s important to include references to opportunities you give your staff, for learning and development. There could be internal programs, conferences they attended or professional learning they have undertaken. It is important to show your staff are being given opportunities to continue their education. Anyone investing in an organisation (whether it is to receive services or to nd them) wants to make sure staff are progressing their thinking. Remember future staff will also be reading this report and wanting to get a sense of the organisation.

3. This can be where you include reference to any awards the organisation has won or placed for, if they are considered prestigious. External, credible recognition is something you want to broadcast loudly. Staff usually play a fairly significant role in being able to achieve the standards required for an award.

4. Throughout the year your staff should have opportunities to make presentations/represent the organisation at various events. The best way to let people know what you are trying to achieve is to find groups where you can talk to them directly. Any presentation should include evidence of the need you are addressing and the results you are achieving. It is worth including the highlights of these in this section. While you might choose to talk about one or two presentations, if there have been a number of them, include a table outlining the focus of the topic presented, who it was for and roughly how many people attended (and the type if it is was for example to a group of professional).

5. Talk about anything you are doing to retain or recruit the best staff and any movements that have happened during the year.  You can include any special conditions afforded to staff, showing you make it an atractive workplace.  It is particularly worthwhile mentioning their creditenials which adds credibility to your organsaton.

People are what brings a sense of reality to any organisation.  You live and die by the experiences and interactions they have with every person they interact with each day.  Including staff in your not-for-profit annual report is critical, and you need to involve them in the process of compiling this section of the document.  Ideally, you want there to be a dedicated section to staff as well as photos and comments which you can use throughout.

For your annual report to be the amazing marketing tool it can be, you need staff not only to be in it, but to be proud of their role in the organisation, and in their contribution to this document.  If you do this successfully, involving them, creating a sense of excitement around it and launching the report when it is done, you will have magnified your marketing opportunities.  Staff will then be motivated to share your annual report with little encouragement.

Put simply if you are not including staff in your not-for-profit annual report, you are missing opportunities and underestimating the power of them as your main marketing tools.  If you want more valuable insights on how to make your annual report a successful marketing document, please click on the link below to download our free e-book.