“I have a dream”, perhaps one of the most famous phrases from one of the most famous speeches.  How many of us have stood, if only in our minds, in front of a mass of people to proclaim our dream.  The day you began the business, for a moment you declare the intent to yourself  “I have a dream”.  The question is what was the dream? Is the dream still the same today?  Are you living that dream or is it further away than ever?

Google “I have a dream” and see the amazing images it pulls up…but is your dream among them?

“I have a dream that I will be wealthy and not have to work.”  That is probably what most will say is a large part of the motivation for starting a business.  “My dream is to be in a bidding war to buy my business with Google, Microsoft and Apple so I can buy an island of my own.”  Nice dreams to have…but the only way you are ever going to get close to that is if you answer the questions I posed for the business itself.

The truth is the initial vision for a business is not enough.  It can keep you going for a while, but at some point you need to step back and consider the now and the future.  Don’t be afraid to re-examine your dream.  I have seen often in business that people start something and roll with whatever clients come their way.  They have pieced a few things together to appear half presentable, but the foundations are shaky.

Ask yourself, what was and is now the dream for the business?  Where is the opportunity?  Are you reaching out to the market where the opportunity lies?  If you are, what are you saying to them?

The next question is whether you are truly valuing the service you are providing?  By that I mean how do you communicate the quality of product or service?  At what point are you placing what dollar value on the products or services you provide?

I talk to my clients about branding and the need for solid communications.  There is a step you must take annually to make sure the brand is correct.  Put yourself on top of those steps with your potential market below and proclaim “I have a dream”.  Can you truly picture the crowds raising their hands and cheering, then following as you walk down the street?

Take a moment today.  Close the office door, shut your eyes and in your mind proclaim…”I have a dream”.  Then take another minute to consider the reality of your offering, your brand, and whether you are pursuing all the opportunities with the right tools to take advantage of them.  See if it aligns with the dream.  If at any point you stumble, you know you need to make time to get things back on course.

“I have a dream that someday I will make all your businesses the success they deserve to be.  I have a dream that you will be standing on top of those steps saying my dream is now a reality.”