Simple Marketing Tip

“How to add real value to your brand?”

One of the most common questions I get asked is what can you do to add real value to a brand? The way to do this is through addressing two problems, ‘accountability and then defining/understanding what ‘value’ truly means. The reason these are both problems has much to do with the fact that is very difficult for people to accept they must be based on reality. Sounds simple to overcome, but raw truth is confronting because the answers are rarely as ‘shiny and sparkly’ as you may wish them to be.

Accountability carries the notion that the ‘buck stops at the top’. I say notion because it usually takes something extraordinary bad to happen for the person at the top move. Let’s blame this person or that idea first.

Hold that thought for a moment now consider the word ‘value’ and what it means. It’s not something financial, rather it goes to the heart of how an organisation operates, which is led by the person at the top.

To add real value to your brand consider your response to these two questions:

Are you plagued by attracting to the wrong people to your brand?

Do you ever wish the seas would just part and you could head on a path to functioning with real freedom?

Now let me explain…

From the video

You know value statement are one of the most underestimated pieces of marketing materials that organizations usually fail to pay any attention to. And the reason that they fail to do it is they just underestimate how important it is not just in turn, not just externally I should say but internally as well.

You see, the fact of the matter is if you don’t have the right people, well your value statements are often to blame. You see, you have to be truthful in those statements as well. It’s easy to put the colorful fruitful language you know.

Every other organisation wants to say innovation for example as one of their value statements, but it is actually true and is your value statements truly reflective of they way you operate as a business because there’s one thing to have them as desirables, it’s another thing to have them closely associated with the reality.

I know plenty where staff have where they have a massive staff turnover and part of the reason is because the value statements don’t reflect the way the organisation operates so they attract the wrong people and when the people find out that their values are not aligned, that’s when decide to move on and whilst nobody is necessarily sitting down and going, “Hey my values don’t match this organisation,” you do get a real sense of the way they truly operate and what is guiding them.

So don’t underestimate your value statements and needing to spend some time on them every year, because that’s what will give you complete freedom to operate as a desirable brand in a community, in which you are attracting the right people both to work for you and to purchase from you.

Time for a reality check

How many issues will it take for you to take a deeper look. Is it just one…or will it take ten? With each issue, so rises the impact which may seal the fate of your brand. The freedom you seek as a brand comes when you surround yourself with the right community, those who share the values you need to thrive.

If you are a CEO or business owner, lock yourself away somewhere quiet for a couple of hours and prepare to get honest with yourself. Look at how you are running things. The language you use, the way you engage people internally and externally. Think deeper about what is driving you to operate the way you do. You may need to talk to a couple of trusted people to see if they will also late bare for you about how they perceive your attitude and key drivers.

The next step is to decide if you want to change or you are comfortable with the results.

Then take a fresh look at the value statements of the brand you are running and how closely they are aligned to your own values you have just uncovered. Then consider each of your staff, because sometimes even the people who are the best at what they do may not be the right fit for you.

What about the clients?

Similarly look at your clients – are they really who you want them to be? Chances are your messages are not reflecting your values.

The answer to how to add real value to your brand is, getting real with your values.

Extra thought

Don’t be afraid to ask for independent assistance to achieve this, because the larger the organisation they harder it is to get to the truth for the betterment of everyone working for you as well as the brand overall.