CommTogether is one of the prominent brand development agency in Sydney, Australia offering service around the globe.

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Our Path

We want to enable people to make a greater positive impact in their community. Through strengthening communications and brands, we help small to medium businesses and not-for-profits grow, enabling the services they provide to answer a need, improving lives.

Our Belief

The power of community can be realised when it is based on shared values and interests which bind people together. Change happens one step at a time, when you identify and engage the people in your community on a journey. Creating a positive influence by mastering these fundamental skills cultivates growth through true connections which in turn helps change the world.


Based on a career of unique insights as a communications and marketing specialist, CommTogether founder Anthony Perl has developed a framework from which brands can achieve and increase their authentic engagement, helping them realise their goals. We educate, assess, recommend and generating ideas, creating clear achievable pathways for brands to move forward.


We are inspired by the people behind brands who are open to building genuine relationships and are driven to listen to new possibilities.

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