Do you put any stock in the idea that you have to ‘put out there to the universe what it is you want’ in order to have a chance of receiving it? Ever tried it to see if it works?

Here is your chance to share – what is it you want for your business or not-for-profit marketing this year?

From the video

I once heard it said that your career is nothing more than a series of connected pivotal moments. And you know it’s very true about the success of a lot of brands as well.

You have to put key messages out there. You have to network. You have to put things out there into the world in order for the people to know what you’re after and to be able to respond.

How many times if you think about it have you been in situation where, “Wow, I was just only talking about that the other day.” And then all of a sudden, it’s out there because it’s about your mindset, it’s about the values, it’s about the basics of marketing – that’s right – your personal marketing.

But it is exactly the same with your business or not-for-profit, you have to get those values, those messages, those foundations in order, and decide what it is you want to put out there? And what it is you want to get back. So do you networking and do it with some clear messages and clear goals in mind.

Right message for your business

The trick is to be out there for those pivotal moments whether the brand in question is your personal one, or it is for your business or not-for-profit. It’s all about the right messages and being in the right place at the right time.

The challenge is working out what the right messages truly are for your brand.

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