Leaders know their limitations and build the framework around them to be able to achieve more. In simple terms when you look at larger organisations, they have financial director who is separate from the operations person who is separate from the human resources person. It is near impossible for one person to have all the skills necessary, not to mention the time to do all these things effectively.

When it comes to being a leader, you can be a person or a brand and the same principles must apply. We get very protective of our brands and never like to say no to requests. We view anybody who is in a remotely similar space as competition. The truth is, if you want the market to know you as a leader, they need to know what sets you apart.

From the video

One of the greatest pitfalls in the way people market their business or not-for-profit organisation is that they try and be everything to everybody.

It’s something that I’ve spoken about before but it happens far too often. You see, you cannot do absolutely everything, you have to know where your specialty is and you have to know what particular needs you’re able to service.

And by the same token not be afraid to turn to those other experts who might be, you know, you thought of in competition at one stage to you who can actually become real partners in your area, because their area of specialty is slightly different to yours. And the combination of the two is that you can really start to cover everything.

So don’t hesitate this year to try and find your niche and to try and find your partners. Do not try and be everything to everybody.

Refine marketing messages

There are lots of different ways you refine your marketing messages to define your speciality. It could be by industry sector or by a particular style of style product or service. It does not mean you can’t offer other products or services, but when it comes to marketing, attract people through your strengths in the areas where you have expertise and a point of difference.

Often you can get far too close to your own brand to be able to separate out your strengths. An independent person can often add real value to your search for the marketing edge. Involving all your stakeholders in a creative environment can launch your brand to another level.

Consider your speciality and if you need help with the marketing to engage your audience and drive home your advantage.

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