Are you a business owner or a CEO? What value do you attach to your branding?

Don’t underestimate the value of brand awareness

The tendency for most businesses is to focus on the bottom line and wanting to generate immediate sales. The relationship between marketing sales is not always immediate. Marketing is generally about a longer term strategy.

In the comments below, post your responses to these three questions:

  1. How much value do you place now on your brand?
  2. Are you taking all the opportunities in front of you to keep your brand top on mind?
  3. Are you placing any real value on the idea of ‘brand awareness’ and should you?

Before you answer, watch the video below and consider this scenario. Pick an appliance at home – it appears to be working fine today. Then tomorrow or next week it just dies. It is not repairable, you need a new one. Do potential brands of replacements come to mind? Why? What have they done to make you think about them now?

From the video

This week I want to talk to you about brand awareness. It’s a hugely underrated area for most businesses because people are expecting immediate responses. But brand awareness is not about that at all.

Brand awareness is about keeping people interested about your brand on an ongoing basis. Now they may be interested in a very subconscious level, they may keep just seeing it from time to time. But when the time comes that they actually need it – they will know who you are.

The trick with brand awareness is being consistent in reaching the right people all the time. It’s like oil. If you layer oil on top of things, it sits on top, it doesn’t seep in all the time. But when the opportunity arises, it seeps in to where it needs to go.

So the question for you to consider is: Are you doing enough to be consistent with raising brand awareness? When the times comes that people need you, will they be able to find you? Will you be top of mind? Have a look at your materials this week, and maybe leave some comments below, and let me know if you’re being consistent as you think you should be, and what else you could do to make your brand awareness sit on top of everybody else’s minds.

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