We are building a library of authentic marketing tips to get the most out of your brand, whether you are in business or you are a not-for-profit, whether you are starting out or just looking to building on what you have already done. There is no quick fix when it comes to marketing, and with so many tools available and so many mediums on which to publish information, it is easy to lose site of what you really need to do.

CommTogether, through our Director, Anthony Perl, each week delivers a brief marketing tip. The goal is to give you something to think about, and to work on which is manageable.



There are a few ways you can keep follow the latest tip, simple check in with this blog each week, follow Anthony on LinkedIn or like our Facebook page.

We also welcome your suggestions for things you would like us to cover.

Every reader of our tips is entitled to a free 25 minute marketing consult with Anthony Perl. We are happy to give you some information to help you succeed and it’s a chance for both of us to see if we want to work together moving forward. In the very least you will walk away with some valuable authentic marketing tips to get the most out of your brand.