The list is about survival for both businesses and not-for-profit organisations / charities alike. The list is about the basics that I continue to see missed by so many. The list is simple but calculated. The list requires knowledge and specialised expertise.

Here is the list to end all lists…

  1. Put your name down in full.
  2. Put down your full business name with a logo (preferably one that has been designed using a marketing person and not just something you think looks good).
  3. If the name and tag line does not say it all (if you have used a decent marketing person it should ) then make sure you include your profession / what it is you do.

4. Provide all of the following details:

  • Phone number (preferably also a mobile) – that will always be answered in a business like fashion.
  • An address where mail can be sent.
  • A professional email address with a domain that relates to your business (gmail or hotmail accounts are not acceptable particularly when you can buy a domain name for around $12 from someone like Crazy Domains).
  • A website. It is an absolute sin in this day and age not to have a website. You can build them yourself very easily or if not you can find businesses who will (yes CommTogether can build you a basic website or we will coordinate the design and programming of a full website). There is no excuse you must have a website. You do not know how much business you are missing because you don’t have one. You can be sure people are checking up on you and without a web presence you just miss out, not to mention people who search for a need and find you via the web without knowing you existed otherwise.

5. Have it professionally printed. It’s worth having a cello glaze on it to protect it and give it a professional edge. As part of the process for printing – check check check. Look for spelling errors and mistakes with the layout including logos being distorted or colours straying from the ones designed to go with and be part of your logo.

In case you have not worked it out this is the list for developing a business card. Crazy as it seems I see so many get this most basic item wrong. They look pretty but don’t have anything to do with the business / not-for-profit / charity. Not that long ago I picked up a card for a consultant – but I am still not sure what she is a consultant for. If I see someone using a gmail or worse still a hotmail account (can people be serious about their job with sexy in their email address or a bunch of numbers like john4678) then I will throw their card away.

This is the list I suggest everyone take a look at. You will be surprised how often hit is wrong. Send me samples or drop me a comment about the worst examples you have seen.

If you want help because looking at your card you know there is a problem with your brand , marketing and general communications then contact CommTogether now.