Since making the decision known to friends and colleagues about establishing my own consultancy, I have been asked the question ‘why?’. Well that is after the congratulations and the comments and about how it must be ‘scary’ and ‘exciting’.

The simple answer to the ‘why?’ is because I am genuinely passionate about offering a professional communications service. While some of the big organisations have communication and marketing staff, many of the smaller organisations don’t or can only afford inexperienced staff on a full-time basis if any at all. Communications has to be a fundamental criteria for which the success of any organisation must be judged. Of course their product or service is critical, but even these will miss the mark unless you have determined if there is a gap in the market to fill and you are making people aware of what you offer and responding to their feedback. This is communication.

Communication in 2011 is such a different beast to what it was 20 or 30 years ago. The potential means for communicating at times can seem endless. It used to be that you would talk to someone, face to face, perhaps over the phone or send them a letter. The digital media has opened up a new world, from email to websites with feeds and that massive area of ‘social media’. For those of you still struggling with what that is, well it includes large sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn and the various platforms for blogs (such as this one) and forums to name but a small handful.

The point being, you can no longer communicate in one way.  You can not afford for your organisation not to be reflected in its best possible light in everything from its logo and visual presentation through to a consistent use of well thought out messages.

I am a big believer in establishing the foundations.  The quality of the the communications strategy and building blocks can make all the difference.  I believe I can help, not just because I am passionate about this, but because my professional background and learnings have given me a unique platform from which to guide you.

So that is ‘why’!

CommTogether is about ‘ideas, communication, marketing’. Professional, strategic understanding, quality, relationships and passion will be the driving force behind this new venture.