“Check out these amazing examples of branding with clever architecture. Branding is important for a company, and the building they operate out of must be nice in order to be taken seriously. Many companies have gone beyond just having a nice building and had a building constructed that really reflect their brand! These clever feats of architecture leave nothing to the imagination. You know exactly which company is housed in the building at first glance. A

A pop-up Adidas store, that looks just like a shoe box showed up at a festival in Barcelona, Spain. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely want to go into a building shaped like a shoebox! It only makes sense that this African pineapple vendors building is shaped like one, right! It looks mighty tasty. It’s a clever trick because seeing a huge pineapple will make you crave pineapple, which will make you go buy pineapples from this vendor! It’s genius! And how fitting is it that there is a huge guitar building that houses a guitar shop in Tennessee? I love that! I would trust a shop to fix my shoes if they were housed inside of a huge shoe.

To me, having the building reflect your business that way is not only good marketing, it shows that you have a passion for what you do! The weirdest one just may be the South Korean toilet museum, which is housed in a building that looks like, you guessed it, a huge toilet! I would actually love to see a building like that where I live! All of our buildings are plain and boring. These are amazing examples of branding with clever architecture!"

copyrights: http://diply.com/creative-unusual/clever-architecture-that-takes-product-branding-a-whole-new/177365 Of course in Australia, we have our own Big Pineapple and Big Banana among many other ‘big’ things.  However, we should be asking the question as to why some more creative architecture ha snot come into play with other businesses.  It’s easy to think big and realise for most it is not affordable.  However there is a point where the symbolic nature of some architecture becomes critical to a brand – take the golden arches of McDonalds – it’s not just a sign it is a construction on the building.  The question is what can you do to enhance your building and capitalise on your brand?
If you want to view 10 of the best examples of where branding meets architecture, then follow the link below and let us know your favourite or indeed if you have some other examples to share.

These clever feats of architecture leave nothing to the imagination.