CommTogether was founded to be able to offer its unique expertise to the not-for-profit sector, who otherwise cannot usually afford high quality communications and marketing staff.

We refer throughout the site to the not-for-profit sector, who can also be known as NFP, non-profit, non-government-organisations, NGO and charities.

CommTogether Principal, Anthony Perl has years of experience in the sector and understands the sensitivities and needs of organisations who operate to produce better outcomes for people.

“There are over 16 000 not-for-profit organisations in Australia, so to be heard among the sea of voices is difficult. Increasingly though it is the competition from profitable entities that is crowding the market even further.”

As such CommTogether delivers a number of communication and marketing services to this sector at a lower rate, to ensure you can access the same resources as your competitors.

These services include:

  • Audience assessment & market review
  • Brand audit & assessment
  • Strategic development
  • Brochures to newsletters
  • Writing
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations
  • Marketing ideas
  • Coordinate marketing materials & merchandise
  • Media management and PR

We provide a Virtual Communications Management service, which means you can opt to use us for one off projects through to longer term arrangements.  In our management role we not only personally produce and guide you through the development of materials, we can also facilitate their completion using our large network of specialist agencies ranging from designer, photographers and printers through to market researcher, merchandise producers and web developers. CommTogether’s long term relationships can help strengthen the quality of the output.

We have some specially designed online packages to help you get started.

We will also tailor services to suit your needs.

Contact us today about the CommTogether Advantage through quality communications, together we can make difference.