I am suffering from technology overload….how about you?  Like so many I have been quick to want to jump on the technology bandwagon.  The key word here is want.  Of course we can’t always afford the latest and greatest because as far as I am aware there is no technology available to create a money tree.

I find myself sitting on technology whose potential is never fully realised sometimes years down the track and yet I feel I should upgrade.  The commercial world we live in has a strong intoxicating pull.  Apple is by the far best at it.  It is the number one ranked brand in the world for a reason.  They are selling you not what you know you need and not even what they think you might need, but rather what they want you to aspire to need.  Every time they advance the technology it is not because we asked for it or even thought about it – they are one step ahead.

In business we can’t all be like Apple, because the nature of our products and services often don’t lend themselves to that sort of marketing approach.  Nevertheless we are driven by companies like Apple, SamsungGoogleIBM and Microsoft to adopt their latest technology to help us in our businesses.  There is always room for improvement and to save time right?

But it can all be too much technology to cope with on your own.  Never forget you are in your business because you are good at what you do.  That does not mean adopting the latest and greatest technology for your field has to be something you are an expert in.  You also don’t always need the latest and greatest – you need what is right.

The thing about new technology is not that we all must be on top of everything.  Quite the opposite.  New opportunities arise on a daily basis because businesses need to outsource to experts in particular areas.  10 years ago you would not have said ‘I need a social media expert’ to help grow my business.  The truth is you are often better of fout sourcing much of this work, because otherwise you are being taken away from what you do best.

Remember technology isn’t always about the latest iPhone it can be about software to do your invoicing like Zoho, or utilising Mailchimp to build and distribute a newsletter or campaign.  Technology has changed business and is creating more niche specialties.  Indeed marketing itself has been divided into particular expertise like social media and Search Engine Marketing.

If you are suffering technology overload then the answer is simple.  Go back to what you do best and outsource to the specialised experts who can help grow your business.  Divide and concur to avoid technology overload in business.  Then you can afford to buy the latest 3D TV or a new SLR Camera just because you want to!