How do you react when you see a product or service which pro-ports to be the miracle solution to a problem? Is you gut instinct to go wow….or is more disbelieving? If you end up buying you are inevitably disappointed, so you are not likely to be a long term customer. It amazes me how often businesses and not-for-profits fall into this trap.

Do you believe in miracles?

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Do you find that a lot of your clients and potential clients are looking for the miracle cure – the solution that will answer all of their problems in one go?

And the reality is that’s very difficult to deliver on. It’s difficult on a number of levels, not the least of which is every problem is going to be slightly unique, and whatever product or service you’re offering, unless it’s tailored, is not always going to be able to deliver. And even if it is tailored, will it be a complete and utter solution?

You have to set the right expectations and you set expectations not by setting them up for miracles,but rather by giving them the signs and the partnership and the relationship to be able to deliver real and practical solutions.

So don’t be afraid to educate your clients about what those expectations should be, so that they’re not looking for the next miracle, they’re looking for something real and that you are set up to be the person to deliver it.

Are you guilty of dealing in miracles?

Take a closer look at what your messages are saying. Are they driven by reality and building relationships and understanding with potential clients? or are they saying ‘we have the complete answer here’? Are you guilty of dealing in miracles?

In the end, if you want repeat customers and referrals, then building a realistic relationship with your clients is going to get you a lot further. Set expectations grounded in reality, because it is sure to win you the longer race.

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