A measurable assessment and marketing plan was developed and has been updated regularly. A schedule of concentrated direct marketing initiatives (both traditional and digital) was implemented, creating a major point of difference within their industry sector.


Importer, B2B, raw ingredients for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food and beverage


For the branding, initially, the tag line was added to the existing logo to help explain to their market, their point of difference. A further refresh was made a couple of years later. The idea was to modernise the logo without drastically changing it. This included acknowledging the company’s presence in both Australia and New Zealand. The introduction of extra colour and shading illustrates their ability to accommodate lots of variables – every client is not the same.

The level of quality and personal service offered has been highlighted through photography and supplementary design. Photography was commissioned to visually drive the ‘look and feel’ of a new website. A key cornerstone being a comprehensive product library, which is driving traffic to the site and building TransChem’s reputation as a market leader.

A number of brochures have also been developed including one highlighting the framework upon which they build their success. The strategy and text were developed to support existing materials including the website.

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