Inbound marketing | Delivering Regular Content To Increase Brand Awareness and Leads

Inbound marketing is the idea of producing regular content for your website to make it easier for people to find you.

The traditional approaches to marketing do not cover the reality – most people look for information about products and services online first.  They do it 24/7!  Just having a website with information about your products and services is not enough to keep you at the top of a Google search.  Most searches online are based on a phrase surrounding whatever it is they are looking for – questions, tips, reviews are just some examples.  To reach your audience, you need to anticipate what they will be looking for and produce content to match.

Unlike advertising, your content will always be accessible and can be updated at any time.  Unlike a newsletter, online content is always available.  Someone who is not interested today may be interested tomorrow.  Let inbound marketing deliver you increased brand awareness and leads.

We recommend HubSpot as the tool which can maximise the potential of inbound marketing.  They offer all the integration you need with your website – read more on the HubSpot website.  We are a HubSpot partner, so we can set you up without it costing you any extra.

Become a regularly published trusted source in your field of expertise.

We have packages to suit every business, from those who want to do it themselves to those who need a customised approach.