Brand leaders control their messages. They take the time to consider every word. Why…because some words can have a dangerous our impact on your brand. I have three in mind. Can you think of any?

There are some definite ‘no no’ words when you are delivering your marketing messages. Despite the best of intentions they can mask a deeper issue or in the very least mean people do not see you as being authentic. Without authenticity your brand is going to struggle to connect to your audience.

Watch the video for the first two words I recommend you avoid.

From the video

I want to talk about two words which are often overused and can have negative implications if you get them wrong: enthusiasm and passion.

It seems innocuous enough to use them but let me tell you you, it’s not enthusiastic. If I stand here and say, “Gee, I’m really passionate and really enthusiastic about marketing – it just doesn’t cut the mustard, does it?

The fact is: you need to demonstrate these things, not say it. But where’s the real negative implication? Well, the negative implication is people sometimes let their enthusiasm and their passion for something completely override the need that there are rules you need to play by in order to succeed.

It’s why for example I have a framework for success that I work with clients. I’ve spent a lot of years building that framework that talks about how you can achieve marketing success.

Now there are rules that I play by. the question is when you have a look at your business or your non-for-profit this week: are you playing by the rules?

Has the enthusiasm and passion for what you believe is right, overridden the need to actually put systems in place that are tried and tested and can actually deliver the results you are talking about.

So don’t let passion and don’t let enthusiasm get in the way of good marketing.

Spin v Truth

Marketing definitely involves the art of ‘spin’. There is always another slant you can put on something to give it a more positive slant. However – there is spin and there is truth. These ideas do not have to be mutually exclusive, in fact the idea is that any spin should be deeply rooted in truth if it is to be effective and believable.

Great leaders just lead

Here is another no-no term…’leader’! Are you out there saying you are a ‘leader’? Is it really true? Do you need to say it because surely if you are a leader people know it. After all to be a leader is to be recognised in the role.

Be careful that your messages ad value to your brand. Simply repeating it will not make it true if you can’t deliver. If you say you are a leader and your audience discover someone else who does the same thing but better, then your brand has over promised. There are consequences to this.

Why an independent perspective is critical

We often get far too close to our own brands. In trying to find the right words we stop playing by the rules, cutting corners and wanting to deliver how we would like to be seen, not allowing the audience to decide. Even the great Mohamed Ali could only get away with saying “I am the greatest” because he was out there proving it time and time again.

Think before you deliver a message, whether it is written or spoken. Play by the rules and demonstrate your point of difference and your avenue for success. Let your actions override the need to place words in people’s mouths. It is as true in marketing as it is in how you go about delivering your product or service offering.

If you are too close to find the right words, then reach out and let us help you.