Avoid getting in the way of your own success

Brand leaders control their messages. They take the time to consider every word. Why? Because some words can have a dangerous impact on your brand. I have two in mind. Can you think of any?

There are some definite “no-no” words when you are delivering your marketing messages. Despite the best of intentions they can mask a deeper issue or in the very least mean people do not see you as being authentic.

Without authenticity, your brand is going to struggle to connect and truly engage your ideal audience.

I want to talk about two words which are often overused and can have negative implications if you get them wrong: enthusiasm and passion.

It seems innocuous enough to use them but they can turn people away.. If I say, “I’m really passionate and enthusiastic about marketing” – it just doesn’t cut the mustard, does it? Anyone can say it. As a statement, it means nothing and carries no weight.

The fact is: you need to demonstrate these things, not say it. The negative implication is people sometimes let their enthusiasm and their passion for something completely override the need to relate stories about their expertise.

Engagement happens when you deliver a message people relate to, it’s not about ‘ego’.

What words drive you crazy when you see them used and just think… “they are full of it” or “where is the substance”?

Are you more likely to buy because you hear a relatable story or because someone says they are enthusiastic and passionate?

The next question is what are you doing in your business? (Feel free to confess in a direct message or reach out if you want an independent opinion or a marketing service in Sydney).

Ultimately the majority of the increases you receive to your bottom line will be based on relationships. The education process of why people should choose your brand needs to be constantly reaching the right people with the right messages, because you never know when someone will need what you provide. Realise it may not be any one thing which gets them to you, it may well be a collection of all the things you are doing.

It’s critical if you want to maximise those opportunities to get the most from your marketing and drive more sales.