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InvoCare, an Asia-Pacific. ASX listed company, owns and operates funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It is a very conservative industry, requiring a specialised understanding. At the time of working with them, the business underwent a series of major changes. Initially owned by the US baed SCI it was then sold to a consortium of investors led by Macquarie Bank before being publicly listed.


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A vast array of marketing materials including corporate brochures, regular newsletters, awards night and advertising were developed. A series of websites connecting the corporate entity with each of the brands were also developed.

One example of a major project was the branding of the businesses cemeteries and crematoria. People choose a cemetery/crematoria based on recommendation. They do not ‘shop around’ at a time of grief so the key marketing messages need to sensitively connect with an audience.

A strategy was developed that recommended the renaming of all the locations as Memorial Parks (cemeteries) and Memorial Gardens (crematoria).

A logo was designed to badge all the different locations, inspired by the elements of nature – sun, water and flora. Photography was commissioned to showcase the natural beauty and tranquillity of the gardens, which was used to develop a series of brochures focussing on the beauty of the Parks and Gardens.