Youth 2 Israel

We have been involved with the organisation since it was first floated as an idea, developing the branding and through an ongoing marketing strategy, implemented many materials. The organisation seeks to reach a very specific who otherwise would not be engaged and begin to involve them in the community.


Religious, education, youth


Initially, a new brand including the logo, tag line, definition, mission, vision and values was created with several audiences in mind ranging from donors, to parents and students. The goal was also to have both a full and abbreviated name used for when people become more familiar with the organisation.

A brochure to appeal to donors was combined with a powerful video, including one delivered in a brochure to introduce the new brand to the market.

There have also been a series of other videos created designed to emotionally engage different audiences.

Each year the organisation produces an annual report which needs to target a few different audiences. Each year has a theme attached to it and it is through them you can chart the growth of the organisation. Quotes and images play a strong role in allowing the annual report to tell a well-rounded story.

A website with detailed information, videos, Q&A’s and a registration landing page were built alongside a series of brochures, electronic direct marketing campaigns, and invitations to fundraising events. In 2019 a refreshed website has been designed to reflect the stronger brand awareness and more expansive messages.

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