Previously know as the Shalom Institute, their branding was dated and unrepresentative of the ‘embrace and engage’ culture it wished to promote through its community programs. Many of their programs were until this point the hero brands, with few people understanding the link back to the main organisation.


Religious, education, entertainment, entrepreneurship, community

There was a directive to make ‘Shalom’ the hero brand.

A clearer understanding of the brand, audiences and intentions were developed following a detailed assessment and planning process, which included a series of marketing workshops. The challenge was to come up with a tag-line and a design for the branding, making it as simple as possible to reflect what the organisation strives to help people achieve. They have many audiences and deliver a variety of program, yet we found a one-word tagline to support their vision.

There was also complexity in also creating a new identity for all the sub-brands/programs so as to demonstrate who owned/operated them.

The implementation included a style guide which included how the sub-brands would be visually represented. Other collateral marketing materials were also developed.

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