If you want your brand to stand out, if you want to be a market leader or you just want to show leadership in your marketing approach, then you need to work directly with us. Whether it is a one-off or a series of consultations or workshops, you can choose from the following or we can design something for you.

“Hi, I am Anthony Perl, Director of CommTogether. I am a ‘dreamer’ an ‘ideas’ person. I focus on the foundations of marketing, using my 30+ years of experience to work with you to lead your brand forward.”

Leadership comes through establishing a solid foundation to your marketing and extends to generating the ideas which will move your brand forward. Our expertise in foundations and ideas is what sets us apart and is what you can benefit from.

We work particularly with small to medium businesses and not-for-profits to grow their awareness and reach.

The types of workshops we offer .

Marketing Generator

Undertake a one-on-one assessment of your brand authenticity and your current marketing. We will then produce a report which contains recommendations on the best next steps for you to improve your marketing, based on your unique requirements. In the end, you have a working document which contains a marketing plan.

One-on-one ideas session

Pick the brain of a marketing expert with 30 years experience. A key strength of our is coming up with ideas for you to help take your brand to the next level.

Package of consultations :

Designed for those who can’t afford a Marketing Director but want a regular sounding board who will also direct you, offering strategic advice to enhance your marketing potential.

Insight workshops :

Designed to stand alone or work in combination to help review and build the foundations of your brand. Leadership can only be successful if you have done the hard work first. These workshops can add to the working document created through our Marketing Generator. An external facilitator will add real value.

Definition :

Defining your organisation is critical not just so you and your staff are singing off the same page, but so your marketing materials can reflect a consistent message. The message needs to engage and reflect a solution to your audience’s problem(s).

Vision, Mission, Values

Where you want to go and how you are going to get and the way you will do it are critical elements to consider. They determine the directing of your branding. No organisation, no matter the size, can afford to not have these or live by them.


We dive deep into your audience to find out more about them and how they will impact your brand and your messaging and how to reach them.

Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats of your Marketing

This brings together everything we have learned from previous workshops and helps maps a way forward refining the marketing plan. The goal is to find those key areas to focus on and have something to measure against annually.