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Measure the voice of your cause

Voice for a worthy cause - logoVoice For A Worthy Cause is a specialised division of CommTogether providing communications and marketing for not-for-profit organisations/charities/non-government organisations (and any other variation you care to use).  We prefer to call them ‘worthy causes’.

We have partnered with Lawrence Jackson, an expert in fundraising and philanthropy to bring you a Podcast series.

Our services are available to help these established worthy causes find a unique voice so they can grow in a sustainable way, building a long-term future.

The problem for worthy causes is the environment in which they are operating and the way they have been funded is changing.  They have also generally not put real energies and understanding into what is required to market themselves, not to mention being scared to spend money on improving the quality of their materials.

Anthony Perl says, “Over 30 years experience in communications and marketing ranging from working in the media, business and not-for-profit sectors, has taught me how to understand audiences and how then to maximise engagement.

Following a 7 step process, I have built a framework to help worthy causes thrive.  My programs provide them with a cost-effective, affordable solution.  We help them tell their stories and respond to their community.

Clear direct information has the ability to change lives.  By delivering this to worthy causes we are helping them change the world.”


EP 1 available now.

A Podcast series looking at marketing and philanthropy, talking to some of the leading minds to freely share information to support all worthy causes. Co-hosted by Lawrence Jackson and Anthony Perl.

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