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Why CommTogether?

Before you consider working with someone, you want to make sure you are aligned in your purpose. 
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Does your brand identity really matter?

Every day we are swamped by brand images, whether you are walking down the street, watching TV or online. If you tried to take a count of the number of brands you were surrounded by each day you would be alarmed. But you should be more alarmed if you are ...
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Do’s and Don’t’s of choosing a brand agency

Are you trying to decide if your brand needs updating? Have you decided already and need help finding the right brand agency for the job? Are you starting a new business or brand and need to get underway on the fundamentals of marketing?
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Choose your words carefully to maximise your marketing

In an age where our attention span lasts seconds, it is more important than ever to make sure you choose your words carefully to maximise your marketing.  Too often the focus is on the way individual’s likes to say things, rather than using words which best resonate with your audience. ...
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Marketing is Misunderstood

  How happy and engaged are your clients?   Marketing is a misunderstood area, but I have some top tips to set your thinking straight. As you will read, it comes down to knowing what marketing really is, before you can appreciate if you are doing it well. Most not-for-profits ...
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Starting Up

This is technically day three of CommTogether and establishing a website has been a priority. I want to be able to give everyone a sense of me, and what I can offer. I know that the unique experiences I have had in my working career have created a skill-set that many organisations, particularly in the not-for-profit sector and smaller businesses, think they can not afford. Worse still they are not really even thinking about the necessity for having a professional approach to the way they communicate ...
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