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How to prevent arrogance and ego from becoming your worst enemy?

Your brand is at risk! The risk is tied directly to how you have been operating. It's simple, if you have decided this is the way things will be done, and this is what you are delivering, to coin a phrase; "Houston we have a problem!" ...
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Don’t Oversell Your Vision

Leaders generally have a vision that drives them, but selling people on it is not always straight forward. What one person can see clearly is not usually shared by the next person ...
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How to win respect as a leader?

Are you or your brand in a leadership role or seeking one?  Do you have the respect of your staff and clients? The secret of how to win respect as a leader is summed up in a simple idea, 'create peace' ...
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How to grow your brand?

Simple Marketing Tip ...
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Why CommTogether?

Before you consider working with someone, you want to make sure you are aligned in your purpose ...
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