Communication services


Communication involves strategy, listening / talking / writing / producing, managing, promoting and delivering to your stakeholders, your current and potential audience.  CommTogether can deliver all of those services through its virtual model.

Here is an insight into the range of  communication services we offer and what every business needs to review regularly:


  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Creating consistently used definitions for the business and its products / brands / services – sometimes referred to as key messages
  • Defining your stakeholders and audience, the potential market, understanding their needs and their desired means of communication
  • Devising methods to speak to your audience regularly and listen to them
  • Crisis communication planning and execution

Listening / talking / writing / producing

  • Executing plans to plans devised in the strategy
  • Listening and responding to feedback (both positive and negative) and referrals
  • Talking to your stakeholders including your potential audience
    • Meetings
    • Phone calls
  • Providing regular written communication
    • Letters
    • Information sheets
    • Newsletters
    • Website
    • Intranet
    • Blogs
    • Social media (Twitter / Facebook etc)
    • Annual Report
  • Producing
    • Podcasts
    • Presentations
    • Videos


  • Managing each project from beginning to end
  • Coordinating other suppliers as part of the virtual communications management service so you deal with one person who understands your business and can build an ongoing relationship.  We can use our long standing network of suppliers or your own preferred supplier
    • Branding agencies
    • Designers
    • Photographers
    • Printers
    • Web developers
    • Intranet developers
    • Public Relations agencies
    • Media management & monitoring
  • Maintaining relationships

Promoting and delivering

  • Public relations
    • media
    • editorials
    • referrals
    • social media
  • Brochures
  • Online links
  • Events
    • Organising your own
    • Participating in others (exhibitions, as a speaker, networking etc)

The difference between promoting and delivering to your stakeholders under communication versus marketing can be described as paid versus unpaid.

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