Virtual communications model draft

We provide a Virtual Communications Management service, which means you can opt to use us for one off projects through to longer term arrangements.  In our management role we not only personally produce and guide you through the development of materials, we can also facilitate their completion using our large network of specialist agencies ranging from designer, photographers and printers through to market researcher, merchandise producers and web developers.  CommTogether’s long term relationships can help strengthen the quality of the output.

By operating virtually CommTogether can service multiple clients who may only be able to afford services for short bursts, either for one-off projects or for a set few days a month.  It means you don’t need to find space for permanent staff, and through the wonders of modern technology we can help you ensure you always have a means for contacting us directly.

Not-for-profits and businesses can now gain the competitive edge from utilising the resources of CommTogether and only paying for what they can afford rather than bemoaning the fact that they can’t attract the same calibre of staff as corporates.

Social media plays an important role in communications for any organisation now, and it is why CommTogether invests resources into keeping on top of the latest trends as well as trying to facilitate the distribution of information.  You can follow CommTogether on Twitter, ‘like’ us on Facebook, join us on YouTube, speak to us on Skype or become part of Anthony Perl’s LinkedIn network.

Talk to us to find out more about communications and marketing services that can benefit you, and don’t forget to read the blog for some further insights.

Of course, the best way to learn more about CommTogether is to talk to us online or pick up the phone.  CommTogether may operate virtually, but Anthony is always happy to come and see you for a good old fashioned face to face chat.

Contact CommTogether now – through quality communication, together we can make a difference.