Communications and Marketing Speaker for Hire…

The founder of CommTogether, Anthony Perl will offer your next event a dynamic speaker that will both challenge you and intrigue you with his stories.

Anthony has had a fairly unique career working with a diverse range of brands over the years.  His career began in broadcast journalism and included 7 years working in talkback on the graveyard shift for much of it.  From there Anthony ventured into the corporate world, where he worked with a different kind of ‘graveyard’ and then to the not-for-profit sector before establishing CommTogether.  To find out more about his career…you will have to book him for your next event.

The experience has given Anthony some great stories to tell, but more importantly the wisdom of how to analyse an audience and engage with them, no matter the subject.  Building and sustaining an audience is something Anthony does as his ‘bread and butter’, whether it is directly about an organisation or engaging a group.

He is particularly skilled on working with service providers, whether they are sole traders, medium sized businesses or not-for-profits of any size.  He has a passion for working with charities, which is why so many CommTogether clients are involved in the disability sector or with crisis intervention.

Anthony will challenge you to think about the role of communications and marketing and how it can change the way your organisation operates.

Call CommTogether today about Anthony Perl being a speaker at your next event, whether it is an open forum or a closed event.  Sharing Anthony’s unique journey and his considerable insights will prove valuable to all who attend.