CommTogether has put together some communication & marketing packages for you to choose some introductory services that can make a difference to your business or organisation.  These packages are designed to be affordable options to help build the foundations for quality communications.

Please talk to us about tailoring a service to suit your needs, whether it is for a one-off project or an on-going relationship over a longer period.

Consultancy insight

CommTogether is offering its unique specialised insights for businesses both small and medium sized and NGO / not-for-profit / nonprofit / charities, in an affordable introductory package.  We will quickly analyse your current situation and offer valuable insights to help clarify the direction for your communication and marketing needs.  Use this package to do a health check on your business to help ensure your communications and marketing materials are on track, whether they need updating or are about to be developed, to asses your brand or particular communications both internal and external.

There is no obligation to commit to using our services beyond this consult.  This package will consist of:

1. CommTogether will take a brief look at any material you want to concentrate on.  For example any or some of the following; website, social media, annual report, brochure, branding.

2. Consult meeting either in person, over the phone or on Skype.  This will give you an opportunity to discuss your organisation and for CommTogether to share its insights and give you some recommendations / feedback on how to improve your communications and marketing.

3. CommTogether will put together a brief dot point email summarising the main ideas.

This is your chance to tap into this knowledge base and dramatically improve your communications and marketing.  Normally agencies would charge you thousands for a consult of this nature.

Cost: $349 + GST

For an extra $150 + GST you can have a written report outlining in more detail our discussions and recommendations.  This will give you not just a record and guide for further growth and development, but it is also ideal for sharing with your business colleagues.

Download our flyer to pass on to colleagues, contacts and friends.

Communications audit:

CommTogether will collect and assess samples of all your existing and recent forms of communications including; reports, brochures, business cards, letterhead, with compliments slips, email signatures, direct mail and any online material.  As part of the audit process we will seek to better understand your business / organisation and its various stakeholders.  This will also involve a series of informal interviews with up to 5 representatives from these key stakeholder groups.  We will go through and assess the consistency of the materials, matching them with stakeholder impressions and expectations and present some recommendations.

Cost: $2500 + GST



Talk to CommTogether today about building a workshop package to suit your needs.  A communication and marketing shop can start you down a path for a clearer strategy that will have a significant positive impact on your business or not-for-profit organisation.  Read more about CommTogether workshops and contact us to design a proposal.


Podcast packages:

Option 1: A one off podcast introducing people to your business.  This will involve a recorded interview with up to 2 people.  CommTogether will work with you to produce these recorded sessions that when produced can feature introductory music.  As part of the CommTogether Advantage, you will receive professionally produced audio files of up to 12 minutes that can be added to your website.

Cost: $500 + GST


Option 2: A series of 6 podcasts each up to 12 minutes in length.  Each podcast will feature an interview with up to 2 people.  CommTogether will work with you to generate the topics to be covered in the series and then produce these recorded sessions that when completed can feature introductory music.  As part of the CommTogether Advantage, you will receive professionally produced audio files of up to 12 minutes that can be added to your website.

Cost: $2200 + GST


If you are just commencing or in the middle of your career as a Communications professional, CommTogether founder Anthony Perl is offering his experience of more than 20 years in media, communications and marketing to assist and guide you.

It is often difficult to find colleagues with whom you can share or seek guidance.  In many cases you may be the only one in such a role in your organisation.

This package of one hour sessions is available either to meet in person or online.  It will provide you with access to someone with the professional expertise and contacts that will help understand any issues and look towards future career development.  A mentoring session can be a source of generating ideas and inspiring you toward new options for growth in your current or future role.

Contact us for a one-off no obligation free 30 minute introductory session.

Option 1: A series of 6 one-hour sessions.

Cost: $660 + GST

Option 2: A series of 10 one-hour sessions.

Cost: $1000 + GST