Packages – individuals

CommTogether has put together a couple of package options for Communications professional seeking mentoring.


If you are just commencing or in the middle of your career as a Communications professional, CommTogether founder Anthony Perl is offering his experience of more than 20 years in media, communications and marketing to assist and guide you.

It is often difficult to find colleagues with whom you can share or seek guidance.  In many cases you may be the only one in such a role in your organisation.

This package of one hour sessions is available either to meet in person or online.  It will provide you with access to someone with the professional expertise and contacts that will help understand any issues and look towards future career development.  A mentoring session can be a source of generating ideas and inspiring you toward new options for growth in your current or future role.

Contact us for a one-off no obligation free 30 minute introductory session.

Option 1: A series of 6 one-hour sessions.

Cost: $660

Option 2: A series of 10 one-hour sessions.

Cost: $1000