Marketing services


Marketing involves communication, because you first need to have a better understanding of your audience because they are always changing and you need to judge how they react to trends.  The best form of marketing is recommendation from others, so no matter what, always look after the client and make them feel like they matter.

To market a business / organisation you should be doing research and analysis, promoting your business and advertising.  It sounds daunting, but depending on the size of your organisation we can tailor something to suit your needs and budget.  CommTogether can deliver all its services through its virtual model.

If you are not familiar with all the marketing lingo then you will no doubt be confused by terminology such as B2B or B2C or above and below the line marketing.  The terms matter little without the research and strategy, because no matter what you call it, the approach needs to be tailored to your needs.

Here is an insight into the range of marketing services CommTogether offers and some of the tools which will help your business or organisation:

Research and analysis

  • Surveys / polls
  • Focus groups
  • Review general market research
  • Conduct market research and analyse the results


  • Build a marketing plan based on informed analysis
  • Merchandise options
  • Printed promotions (posters, bookmarks etc)
  • Utilise and grow databases
  • Direct mail including online


  • Traditional
    • Print (newspapers and magazines)
    • Radio
    • TV
    • Billboard
    • Posters
  • Online
    • Google
    • Banner
    • Listings


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