While CommTogether provides communication and marketing services to not-for-profit organisations and businesses of various sizes (from one person operations to small and larger businesses), we also assist Communication professionals through a mentoring program.  While there are a plentiful supply of coaches in the market, there is very little opportunity for Communication professionals to work with someone who has the unique experiences accrued over more than 20 years of Anthony Perl.

Anthony Perl will use his extensive communication and marketing knowledge spanning the media, business, corporates and the not-for-profit sector to offer guidance and stimulate ideas to assist Communication professionals improve their career. It is rare to find a mentor who is able to directly relate to the issues you face every day and knows how to navigate the system.  Let Anthony show you how to survive and thrive.

We have developed a couple of mentoring packages designed to give Communication professionals access to a valuable asset that understands the direct challenges you face in your career.  View our packages and talk to Anthony today.