Our name and logo

The process for choosing a name and logo for any organisation is one which must be well thought out before its approved and published.  The implications are not just financial, they are also emotional.  Names and logos don’t change easily and without good justifiable reasons, so when you make the final decision the story, whether published externally or not is important to note and recognise internally for an organisation.

CommTogether is the vision of its founder Anthony Perl, and the name came in the end almost by accident.  “I had been thinking for some time about name options and checking their availability in all the formats I wanted to use it.  I had all but settled for another name, and it was following a conversation with a colleague that CommTogether fell out of the air.  At the time I was in the throws of embarking on my journey as a consultant and he ended our conversations by saying, ‘I am sure it will all come together for you’.  An hour later I was recalling the conversation with my wife and stopped mid-sentence announcing I had the name.”

The name is about the obvious ‘Communications’ and how it is a two-way street, so you must always work ‘Together’ with your audience.  More than that, it is about coming together in a relationship and understanding your audience and market so you can meet their needs.

For those of you old enough to remember, it is also the title of a Beatle’s classic – ‘Come together,’ released in 1969 on the famous ‘Abbey Road’ album.

In developing the logo it seemed only natural to bring the two words ‘together.’

The strap line (the line under the logo) is to give you a further insight into what we are about, because it is critical for people to understand who you are in one quick glance.  Again ‘communications’ is very deliberately the centre piece.  Ideas and marketing flow from communications.

There were a number of options put forward for the logo, but ultimately this one was chosen because it not only reflected the values of the business, but it utilised recogniseable symbols in a colourful fashion to give another take on the strap line.  It shows there are many conversations happening in many ways (different colours signifying this) and each person may need to be reached in through different channels and methods.  The configuration of the elements of the logo symbolises the overall conversation and the importance of a foundation of quality communications to still be able to have consistency in the message and the roundness has it come back to one source for analysis.  The colours overall also symbolise an ability to think outside the square, also reflected in the font chosen for the strap line.  The business name itself is in solid colours, symbolising not just trust and professionalism, but boldness and passion standing out from the crowd (hence coming off a dark background to make the colours jump out even more).

It’s bright, it’s about communication and the importance of a solid foundation, working together with your audience, generating bright new and different ideas, marketing to and continuing to engage with them.

Of course we also liked it because it just looks great.

That’s the CommTogether story we want you to see in the blink of an eye.

We would like to work with you on your brand story, whether it is the existing name and design or a need to modernise it or create something new.