Mission Vision Values


A mission statement is an important strategic basis for an organisation or business.  It is something you can keep coming back to regularly to focus on what it is you are trying to achieve every day.  Equally a mission statement should be reviewed annually, because of the changing needs of your stakeholders and ensuring you are particularly aware of market demands.

Our mission statement is…

Through understanding and stimulating ideas, be available and flexible to provide a professional, affordable, quality communications and marketing service that builds on passion, relationships and is founded on a consistent strategic approach.



The difference with a vision statement is that it is a longer term view of where the organisation or business would like things to be in the future.

Our vision is…

Lead a universally accepted virtual environment that is economically more viable for the provision of core services to business and the not-for-profit sector.



More than just some seemingly randomly chosen feel-good words, the idea is to give people a better understanding of the personality of your business / organisation.  What do you stand for and what is most important?

When you make friends with someone you do it because you share an interest and because you choose to interact with someone who stands for certain things you like.  So it is no different with businesses / organisations.  You are trying to attract one another because you share an interest or objective you are trying to achieve, and you want to do it with an individual / business / organisation whose personality mixes well with that of your own.

CommTogether is a business that holds true to its values…

  • Passion and genuine enthusiasm for ‘ideas, communication, marketing’
  • Building and maintaining relationships through understanding
  • Clarity
  • Strategic foundations and direction
  • Solutions focussed