Anthony Perl

CommTogether was founded by Anthony Perl, a Senior Communications Director, experienced Brand and Marketing Manager; with expertise across ASX Corporate environments, Not-For-Profit, Media & Services industries. Anthony Perl has a proven track record in strategic planning, positioning and restructuring organisation value offerings, at a national level. Working in the Not-For-Profit, Anthony Perl has lead campaigns that increased community awareness and increase organisation’s profile. Anthony Perl is experienced in directing both small and large teams combined with highly developed interpersonal skills. Specialist communications manager with expertise across social media, PR, crisis management, branding and communications programs. Anthony Perl has a demonstrated understanding in reaching diverse audiences using multitude of communications techniques; traditional and non-traditional, new creative approaches demonstrating creating thinking.


  • Branding & Communications Programs
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Experience & Satisfaction
  • B2C & B2B Marketing Programs
  • Team Management & Mentoring
  • Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Advertising, Media Management
  • PR & Crisis Management
  • Above The Line, Below The Line Campaigns
  • Multiple Stakeholder Management
  • Brochures, newsletters, writing for the web
  • Podcasts and presentations

For a more detailed profile of Anthony Perl, please check out his LinkedIn profile.

“I believe in building quality relationships, understanding businesses and not-for-profit organisation and seeking to deliver better communication and marketing outcomes.  I am passionate about my work and have established CommTogether because I want to make quality communications more accessible and affordable – not just for large organisations with their own departments and big budgets.  My experience over the years has been wide and varied giving me a greater understanding of the complete processes through to dealing with sensitive issues at all levels of an organisation.  I believe strongly that CommTogether can make a real difference.”

Contact Anthony Perl at CommTogether today.  Through quality communication, together we can make a difference.