CommTogether adv.

The CommTogether advantage

  • Direct access to professional qualified resources based on more than 20 years in communication and marketing specialist areas.  We provide a number of services, so please visit our communications and marketing page to find out more.
  • We have experience in:
    • Branding & Communications Programs
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Customer Experience & Satisfaction
    • B2C & B2B Marketing Programs
    • Team Management & Mentoring
    • Strategy Development & Implementation
    • Advertising, Media Management
    • PR & Crisis Management
    • Above The Line, Below The Line Campaigns
    • Multiple Stakeholder Management
    • Brochures, newsletters, writing for the web
    • Podcasts and presentations
    • We will build a relationship with your business / organisation to better understand your needs.
  • CommTogether will produce and guide you through the development of materials.
  • CommTogether has formed long term relationships with various agencies, so we can coordinate a vast array of services to leave you to concentrate on what you know best.  Our large network of specialist agencies range from designers, photographers and printers through to market researchers, merchandise producers and online developers.
  • CommTogether’s network can help strengthen the quality of the output.
  • By using CommTogether you have access to resources you can not afford full-time that will give you a competitive edge.
  • Pay for the services you need – choose from individual small projects to on-going relationships.
  • No need to find office space for extra staff.
  • No need to compromise on the quality of staff because of limited finances.
  • Save on recruitment costs.
  • CommTogether is built on a passion for quality communications and has a proven track record of success.

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Through quality communications, together we can make a difference.